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Welcome everyone, to the first ever Insti App Orientation. You guys must be wondering why exactly we're having this event? I mean, you all have the app (hopefully) and are using it. So why this event? Well, the purpose of this event is to tell you guys about everything that went into this app and what plans we have for the app's future. InstiApp's original name was IITB App, in 2014 a WnCC manager like myself decided to build this app where all bodies could upload events, people could see the mess menu and other such features. The app was launched and it was a great success. Unfortunately, that app did not last because every piece of software ever written needs maintenance. Once those WnCC managers passed out, the app crashed terribly and became a history. Ever since then, it has been the target of every GS, be it Cult or Sports or Tech to make the app happen again! Last year our manager made it his personal agenda to finish and launch the app. InstiApp is not just an app, we are the developer's community of WnCC and this just our first project. We have more and more awesome ideas which we want to implement here with the help of you people!

Need: There are tons of events happening in Insti, they all have different ways of publicising them. GPO, facebook, poster, stories and what not. It's hard to keep a track of all these things, and easy to miss out an event of your favourite club. InstiApp makes that so easy, just refresh your feed and there you go! Placements/Internship guys had to tab different web pages to keep a track of the internship process. InstiApp eases their lives too. Mess menu on InstiApp is another feature I am sure all of you use. All these awesome features packages in 6 MB of awesome!

InstiApp is something we wish goes on forever. It should, it cannot die with us passing out. Hence, this event, to tell you guys the InstiApp was developed by second-year and third-year students like us and is definitely something you can get involved in. Have an idea? Want this app do some more cool things? Come and implement them yourselves!