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<seo metakeywords="grundy, wncc" keywords="wncc, iitb, web, coding, web n coding club, python, cpp, cs, java, js, android, webapp, node, django, reflections, rattlesnake, workshop, hackathon, competitive coding, dsa, infosec, netsec, security, hacking" description="Welcome to Grundy, the WnCC Wiki. This is a community driven platform for newbies, code enthusiasts and ninjas likewise. You will find basic tutorials, programming guides, hacking DIYs and pretty much everything that you might need to develop yourself." og:image="" article:publisher="wncc" title="Grundy"></seo>
<strong>Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay</strong>
As a digression, if you would want to know how Grundy was originally started, have a look at [ Building Grundy].
Here is a list of our top contributors:


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